Case Studies: Miscellaneous


Ski Boot Binding

This award-winning component is used for right- and left-handed ski boot bindings. Manufacturing this component is a challenge due to the thick cross section throughout...


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Printer Datums and Tabs

The catch X-Z datum, catch bias Z datum, front and rear support tabs are 316L and 440C stainless steel parts used in an industrial printer module. Both catches...

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EPR Flow Block Single Sensor

This metal injection molded component is part of the specimen inlet module of gas chromatography equipment. Previously manufactured using casting and machining...

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Door Lock Parts

These parts (knob shaft, clutch, knob shield, core plug, core body, and control sleeve actuator) are used in the assembly of high-end digital door locks and other security devices.

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This intricate metal injection molded (MIM) part is used in a latch ejector mechanism for pluggable gigabit...


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Ceramic Sensor

The part is a ceramic sensor used in an electronic device. Material selection was key to its success.

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Casing & Ground

The casing & ground are used in gas flow sensors in industrial machines....


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Cable-Tie Tool Parts

This cable-tie hand tool assembly consists of six metal injection molding (MIM) parts—pinion, nosepiece, pawl gripper, insertable rack...

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Front & Rear Keepers for Electric Lock

Two MIM 17-4 PH stainless steel parts—front and rear keepers that go into industrial electrical locks.

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Shaft Grounding MIM Guide Section

This metal injection molded component is part of a shaft grounding system used in brush excitation maintenance...

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Nozzle Assembly

This nozzle assembly is composed of a three-piece assembly—nozzle interface, outer nozzle, and metal collar—that go into high-end sound-isolating earphones...

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Quick Disconnect Sling Mount Assembly

The quick disconnect assembly of 3 parts is used on slings/harnesses for a variety of small, handheld devices like cameras, binoculars, firearms, etc.

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Bathtub Drain Tool

This bathtub drain tool is an assembly of five powder metallurgy components—two drain wings, drain top, drain bottom, and drain shaft...


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Key Blade

This key blade is used in security locking mechanisms and IT identification systems.



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Upper Beam Handle

The upper beam handle is a stainless steel component made using metal injection molding. The part goes into a removable brush holder assembly used in turbine generators...

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Mirror Cover, Base, and Middle

The award was given for three parts—a mirror cover, a base, and a middle— that assembled into an infrared gas sensor for...

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