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Explore how metal injection molding meets or exceeds customer expectations through component case studies.



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End Use and Function: This ferrule is used in aerospace engines to provide a conductive path between the screen and engine. It also provides support to the single cable and....


End Use and Function: This stainless steel MIM component is used on as an add-on guidance and control package on a legacy unguided rocket to create a low-cost, precision-guided weapon.

Catcher, Tension Bar, and Base Cap & Body

End Use and Function: These parts are used in proportional valves used in hydraulic circuits of off-highway and farming equipment.

U-Bracket and Stop

End Use and Function: The components pictures are used in an automatic weapon used by the U.S. Military. The device is designed to securely hold various-size high-volume...

Wedge Blank

End Use and Function: The wedge blank actuates the release of staples in an endoscopic staple gun. This component is designed to be the smallest and most effective on the market.

SRC Bus Nozzle

End Use and Function: The above part is a metal injection molded (MIM) bus nozzle used in a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system of European commercial vehicles


Internal Latch

End Use and Function: This component, made from a low-alloy steel, is an internal latch that drives a subassembly for the telescoping feature of the collapsible stock on MCX and MPX rifles.

Tungsten Electrode

End Use and Function: This metal injection molding (MIM) tungsten electrode is used in a surgical ablation device that uses high temperature for the removal of tissue.


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