Case Studies: Medical-Dental


Compression Frame

The compression frame is essential for holding and aligning the targeting drill guide during tarsometatarsal fusion.


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K-Mount for Surgical Camera

This award-winning component is for a K-mount used in a digital surgical camera. Previously...


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Planetary Gear System for Surgical Device

In addition to the integrated pinion gear, the carrier includes three posts that extend above the flange with...

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The pusher is used in the ratcheting assembly for the consistent placement of high viscosity adhesives...

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Wedge Blank

The wedge blank actuates the release of staples in an endoscopic staple gun. This component is designed to be the smallest and most effective on the market.

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Distal Channel Retainer

This component is a 17-4 PH stainless steel distal channel retainer formed via the metal injection molding (MIM) process. The complex, multi-level part is the...

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Stapling Device Shuttle

This component is a stainless steel shuttle used in a "smart" stapling device for both open and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery. It is part of a device...


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Pump Latch

The pump latch is used in an IV pump. In application, it latches...

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Tungsten Electrode

This metal injection molding (MIM) tungsten electrode is used in a surgical ablation device that uses high temperature for the removal of tissue.

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Endoscopic Device Parts

This component is an endoscopic device parts—four stainless steel metal injection molded (MIM) components comprised of an articulation lock bar...

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Stainless Steel Shaft Assembly

This component is a metal injection molded (MIM) shaft assembly used in a novel surgical instrument for passing sutures through difficult-to-reach tissue...

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