Case Studies: Defense


Frame Chasis

This component is a frame chassis used in a pistol.

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Internal Latch

This component, made from a low-alloy steel, is an internal latch that drives a subassembly for the telescoping feature of the collapsible stock on MCX and MPX rifles.

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U-Bracket and Stop

The components pictures are used in an automatic weapon used by the U.S. Military. The device is designed to securely hold various-size high-volume...

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The trigger goes into an adjustable trigger system on a pump-action shotgun. The complex part geometry was a challenge overcome, but the use...


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Bolt Handle

This component is a bolt handle for a hunting rifle.

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This stainless steel MIM component is used on as an add-on guidance and control package on a legacy unguided rocket to create a low-cost, precision-guided weapon.

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Front Sight Base

The size of this component, which is much larger than the typical metal injection molded (MIM) part, as well as the complex geometry, presented a challenge for the MIM process.

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Rifle Bolt

This powder metallurgy component is a rifle bolt used in a Crickett 22LR rifle. To pass qualification testing, the component had to withstand 20,000 rounds of firing tests...


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Enclosed Striker

The enclosed striker is integral to the firing mechanism of a commercial grade pistol.

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Rear Sight

Complex part geometry drove the need for an elaborate tool design with tight tolerances making metal injection molding (MIM) the most costed effective and high-quality method of production.

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A compact, lightweight, hand-emplaced munition device with extensive design and qualification requirements including cost efficiency and control.

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Pistol Breech Block

This breech block is inserted into the slide body of a .22 caliber pistol and creates the breech face and other critical functions. The unique geometry...


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